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Surf  lessons

Our surf lessons are designed for all levels, beginner to advanced. Each lesson lasts 2 hours - during this time you can catch a lot of waves!

We teach you to surf on the best sandbanks of La Salie in La Teste de Buch and Vivier in Biscarrosse all day and at all tides.

The It's On surf van departs from Arcachon and brings you to the beach with the best waves the day of your lesson. 

Each surf lesson includes surfboard and wetsuit and transport to and from the beach. Total time including the return to and from the beach is about 4 hours.


Transport, equipment, (surfboard and wetsuit), and insurance are included in the price of the surf lesson.



All Seasons




1 x 2h

3 x 2h

5 x 2h

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April - June: 10h - 18h30

July - August: 8h30 - 20h

September - October: 9h - 18h

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